Custom Solutions

If you have a concept or idea for a lighting fixture for your hospitality or multifamily project, our team can help you create a custom fixture that incorporates your desired style, size, material, finish and function.

With our experienced designers and advanced manufacturing facilities, we can bring your ideas into the spotlight and create your idea lighting fixture. Our team will work with you throughout every step of the process and ensure that you meet your budget, deadline and project requirements.

Endless Innovation

Exceptional Quality

Exemplary Service

Above all, customer service is our top priority, and we believe that we can deliver the best customer service by first focusing on quality. We want to differentiate ourselves by offering our clients:

  • Custom Sizes, Finishes, CCT/CRI Available
  • Top Quality Manufacturing Processes
  • High-Quality Samples and Mass Production
  • Top-Notch Products
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Quality switches and components

An Experienced Team

Whether you are the developer of a luxury condominium, or you are renovating a chain of hotels with new lighting fixtures, Majestic Lighting can provide you with the quality product and service that you deserve.

We are ready to brighten the industry. Our background in designing, sourcing and manufacturing product, combined with our commitment to the development of new and innovative lighting solutions makes us the best choice for your next project.

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